Is A Teatox The Best Way To Detox?

I like my coffee in the morning. I like nice food. I treat myself regularly, so the sound of a detox scares me. That’s why I always look for shortcuts to get the same benefit with less inconvenience. Detox using water is a great way to get some of the benefits with less effort. But just drinking water alone, while great to flush out toxins, does not really constitute a real cleanse.

skinnymint-teatox-28-dayAnother great way of saving time and avoiding pain is using a teatox. A teatox is basically a tea detox. It doesn’t involve any diets. It doesn’t involve any exercise. It doesn’t involves any pills either. It’s just tea. There’s plenty of different options out there, but when deciding on which tea detox product to buy, always make sure you choose a high quality product with natural ingredients. One tea detox product I’ve tried recently which had great customer reviews is SkinnyMint Teatox. This is a great product since it combines energy boosting ingredients in the morning with cleansing ingredients in the evening. So you would drink a cup of tea in the morning, called Morning Boost, which has ingredients such as green tea, nettle leaves and dandelion among others. In the evening you’ll have a cup of their specially formulated Night Cleanse, which has ginger root, senna leaves and lemon grass among some other detoxing ingredients. Some people complain the teas don’t taste great, but it’s not all that bad. After all, a detox shouldn’t be that pleasant I guess.

If you have any doubts about the power of herbal tea, then you may be surprised! Ingredients such as senna leaves are highly effective natural laxatives which will help you cleanse your system.

I don’t think there’s a better and healthier shortcut really than using herbal teas to detox. It has none of the side effects of products such as colon cleansers and is less invasive than an actual colon cleanse.

You could of course go on a fast, but I doubt the health benefits and it is dangerous to not eat for long periods of time. I do recommend including some sort of exercise and healthier eating in your diet while cleansing to get the best effects.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Have you ever tried a teatox? Are you interesting in trying SkinnyMint?